Cougar Tour Cat X-1 Putter

Tour Cat X-1 Putter

Tour Cat X-1 Putter Grip

Regular club Price: $59.99
Our Price: $30.00**
Savings: $29.99 (50%)



  • Black Nickel Chrome Finish
  • Blue Anodized Textured-Face Insert
  • Exotic Design
  • PU Two-Tone Black/Blue Wrap Putter Grip
  • Available in RH 35"
Send more putts on line and at the speed you want with the Tour Cat X-1 putter!

Face-balanced Cougar Tour Cat X-1 putter with black nickel chrome finish. Outer weight ring lowers center of gravity and helps keep the putter square at impact. Milled anodized face insert provides a very responsive feel. Double-bend steel putter shaft with firm and tacky, wrap-style putter grip.

Available: MEN'S RIGHT HANDED - 35

Men's Right Handed - Cougar Tour Cat X-1 Putter